Cycles of Nature

Boklett_CoveriTunes_logo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            This is Svetoslav’s first album with his own compositions, published in the year of 2014 in Germany and distributed worldwide through the leading digital music distributors- iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify etc.

Modern music for classical guitar? In Svetoslav’s opinion the modern tendencies of the 20th century for writing music are in contribution with the nature of the guitar sound: “Our audience prefers listening to pieces like the famous Romance (Anonym) or Recuerdos de la Alhambra- music with a simple beauty!”

But those pieces are no longer interesting, because they are played too often. So Svetoslav wrote three Suites in classic-romantic-imressionistical style adorned with bulgarian folklore (motives from Peter Dunoff).

There are three suites- Suite of Water, Suite of Air and Suite of Light. Every suite consists of four movements, which represent four different faces of the certain natural element, as well as four steps of its manifestation.

The music of Cycles of Nature represents some natural phenomena of the water, air and light elements, as well as an intimate view of spiritual creatures, which manifest themselves physically through these elements.

Suite of Water

Raindrops from Above shows a picture of the first rain drop, which is gently falling; then falls the second one, then the third one, and so on until they all transform into a soft rain. The spiritual creature of water is descending to the Earth due to its humility.

Joy to the Earth is the sacrifice of water- penetrating into the depths of earth until it reaches an extremely dense layer, which doesn`t let it go further.

Dance of the Streamlet gives a picture of springing water that returns back again to the Earth’s surface where it is happily jumping and flowing.

Play of the Steam represents the evaporation of water under the influence of the sunlight and its warmness. The small steam clouds are arising slowly, mingling with each other, moving always further and further in space, enjoying the blissfulness of freedom.

Suite of Air

Invisible, but Everywhere is a condition of contemplating the creature of air, which is at the same time everywhere and nowhere. You just think you`ve seen it, and then you notice that it`s gone.

Voice of the Wind – the wind is the speaker of air and the main manifestation of its nature. First it tells how bad it feels, that people don`t understand it, that people don`t love it; then it starts its song, which says that everything it does is because of its love for us, and that what it causes, is indeed good and fulfilling for us, but we just can`t see it. And if we manage to understand its intention, it will evoke our love for it.

Storm shows the wind in action: it is quiet, yet a dark cloud is coming and many more after it. The wind becomes stronger. This is then followed by flashes of lightening and thunders. A storm forms. After a while, everything goes back the way it was originally, until it all gets quiet again and only a few last flashes of lightening, without a thunder, can be seen in the dark cloud far away.

Rhapsody of Purityafter the storm, we now see and enjoy the results of the wind`s work. Now the sky is clear and we can perceive the sunlight better through the purified air, we can breathe deeper. The entire nature is rejoicing, freshness and splendour is everywhere. Then the human, the being, which lives mainly in the air, sings its praise song and nature responds back. This grandiose feast finishes in glorious dancing and singing.

Cycles of Nature_ II. Suite of Air, performed by Svetoslav Costoff

Suite of Light

The Initial Ray facilitates the appearance of light, which first begins only with a single ray, and after that it multiplies and turns into a mighty power. The second scene in this piece illustrates how this light starts to demarcate its different forms, and the third scene demonstrates the march of the creatures of light, which go further and further into creating the world.

Votive Song of Light depicts the sacrifice of light in reaching the edge of the universe.

Light Within the Soul is a process of contemplating the world through the eyes of light, the light, which now has reached the human soul and lives within it.

Eternal Sun of Life reveals the source of life to the contemplating soul, which now sinks into an eternal bliss.

Cycles of Nature_ III. Suite of Light, performed by Svetoslav Costoff